Identifying and Treating Urinary Tract Infections

By Avery Cox

From PHN Issue 47, Fall 2021

UTI stands for urinary tract infection. This is a very common infection that affects millions of Americans each year. UTIs can affect all people, not just women. Symptoms are similar in all people. This infection usually takes place in the urethra (where you pee from) or the bladder (which holds the pee). Different kinds of bacteria cause UTIs. If the infection is very serious, it may be in your kidneys. If you recognize the symptoms, you can often diagnose a UTI by yourself.

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What’s Up with COVID-19?: Here’s the Scoop

By Lorin Jackson and Frankie Snow

From PHN Issue 42, Spring 2020

As of April 30:

  • There are more than 3.25 million cases confirmed worldwide, with roughly a million incidents of recovery from the disease, and almost a quarter million have died.
  • In the United States, there are about a million cases, with almost 130,000 recovered and more than 60,000 deaths.
  • The United States has more recorded deaths than any other country. One possible reason is that there is not a coordinated national or regional effort to test people and track cases to contain outbreaks.
  • Congregate settings, such as nursing homes, detention centers, prisons/jails, and homeless shelters are extremely vulnerable to massive outbreaks of COVID-19 and account for some of the spikes in cases. This is because it is difficult to properly quarantine and maintain physical distancing in these settings.
  • As of mid-April 2020 in New York City, the NYC Department of Correction said that 369 inmates tested positive out of more than 3,900 in custody at Rikers Island and smaller facilities.
  • As of April 29, more than 70% of people incarcerated in federal prisons who have been tested for COVID-19 had the virus.
  • Chicago’s Cook County Jail is one of the largest and most impacted jails. More than 800 people had tested positive by April 28, and it had one of the highest infection rates in the country. In April, activists held a two-day emergency bailout where more than 130 people were able to leave the jail.
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