Burpees: An Exercise for Stamina

by Corey Crawford

From PHN Issue 27, Winter 2016

One thing we have more of inside than out is time. We need to use it wisely; exercising is one way to do that.

Exercise gets the blood circulating, which in turn spreads oxygen to the body’s cells, keeping them fresh and healthy.

My favorite exercise routine is burpees—good for building stamina. Burpees will tax your strength, heart, and lungs, so don’t try this fast if you are experiencing health problems. If you are in pretty good shape, though, go for it and do these in rapid succession without pausing. Always remember to maintain good form in each position. Especially if you do the burpees at a fast pace, you can injure yourself if the positions aren’t done correctly. Try the routine at a slow pace first, to train your muscles to do each position right. Here’s one burpee to try:

1 – From a standing position, drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground in front of your feet and about shoulder width apart;
2 – Jump your feet straight back into a plank (push-up) position;
3 – Jump your feet back under you, into the squat position;
4 – Jump up as high as you can;
5 – Return to starting position and repeat the series.

You can vary this routine as you want. I’ve seen guys add a quick set of three or four push-ups in position 2, then jump up and start over.

And when you’re done working your body, work your brain. Reading and writing are good exercise for the brain, and math has been shown to delay dementia.

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