Self-Care Tips From Contributors

From PHN Issue 43, Fall 2020

My Daily Health and Fitness Program
By Aging Graciously

My daily health and fitness program is simple, easy, and doable. I borrowed it from a Loma Linda University health article and would like to share it with you. It’s the acronym “NEW START”:

N is for NUTRITION: Eat your vegetables, fruits, and hot cereals on your food tray, along with your healthy snacks in your lunch box such as almonds and dried fruit

E is for EXERCISE, ENERGIZE: Walk, stretch, jog, move around

W — drink your required amount of WATER: This is mandatory

S — get your 30 minutes of SUNSHINE: Get outdoors

T — be TEMPERATE: Don’t overdo anything; use moderation

A — get fresh AIR: Early morning is best

R — get your REST: Sleep your 8 hours

TTAKE TIME for prayer and meditation

Every day is a brand new day—a new start.

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