Burpees: An Exercise for Stamina

by Corey Crawford

From PHN Issue 27, Winter 2016

One thing we have more of inside than out is time. We need to use it wisely; exercising is one way to do that.

Exercise gets the blood circulating, which in turn spreads oxygen to the body’s cells, keeping them fresh and healthy. Continue reading “Burpees: An Exercise for Stamina”

Fasting for Rights and Dignity: From Guantanamo Bay to California

by Suzy Subways

From PHN Issue 18, Fall 2013

From Gandhi’s independence movement in India to women demanding the right to vote, from Cesar Chavez to Irish Republican Army political prisoners, oppressed people have used hunger strikes to show their deep commitment to freedom. This year, two major hunger strikes shook U.S. prisons. Continue reading “Fasting for Rights and Dignity: From Guantanamo Bay to California”