Medical neglect of elders: Ivan Schweitzer in Pennsylvania

July and November, 2021
Ivan Schweitzer
incarcerated in Pennsylvania

To whoever can help,

I would like to know if I can sue Wellpath or the prison for medical negligence. If so, how and can you find me a lawyer? I have been waiting for 2 years to get my teeth fixed. Meanwhile, a couple months ago 2 teeth broke off and I lost a filling. I have put in sick calls but no response. I have ended up with infected lymph nodes. They gave me antibiotics and said I would get X-rays. 15 days later, no word from dental. With the lymph nodes, I got double and blurred vision. They say I’m on the list for an eye doctor for months. This is a crock of shit. I have one set of molars on each side of my mouth to chew with and all have cavities. If I lose these teeth, all I’ll have is front teeth to chew with. What can I do?

Thanks sincerely,


Ps. Can you put this story of negligence in your next issue?



Yes, you can publish my story with my first and last name. Here’s something you can add if you want. When my BiPAP machine broke, it took 9 months to get me a replacement. When I needed a new gasket for my facemask, it took 8 weeks, and now I am waiting 5 months for a new hose for my BiPAP machine. 

Could you tell me if black table pepper has any health benefits? I think they use it to hide how close food is ready to spoil. It tears up my gut. I can’t eat it, and they won’t put me on a special diet. I would like to know how many other inmates can’t handle pepper. 

I had 2 teeth fixed and one pulled. I still have teeth that need to be fixed or pulled. I’m wearing the same orthopedic shoes for over 5 years. The right shoe, I have held together with speaker wire. I’m in a wheelchair now. I don’t walk much now, but beside the point, they tried to force me to wear these so-called diabetic shoes that are too small. I wore these diabetic shoes years ago at SCI Forest, and they rubbed my toes open, so they had to send me out to a diabetic wound specialist at DuBois Medical Center every week for months to get my toes healed. 

You can use this letter too if you like. 

Thank you.



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