COVID Prison Testimonies: Clifford Smith in California, July 2020

July 8, 2020
Clifford Smith
Avenal State Prison, California

Hello there! : )

Greetings “again” from the inside society in central California … the forgotten society! 

Hope and pray all is OK and your day going well! : )  

Isn’t this virus something as it spreads across the world, states, cities, towns, prisons, etc. 

They moved a group of us over 60 to this building, so please note, new updated address : )  

Kind-of a “useless” move as we are still mixed in with the under 60 and not all over 60 moved, so they also mixed in with the under 60! 

The whole IDEA of move was to keep us over 60 safe from this virus! Not a whole lot of thought put into it … 

This prison is one of the hotspots for this virus in this California Prison System. We all got tested on C-Yard (Q-tip up nose, temp). No one on this yard tested positive! 

The other 5 yards not so lucky—some inmates, some staff—suppose to of reached 1,000, with 3 inmate deaths!!!

We go one building at a time to chow hall, sitting every other table. So runs slow! 

To go outside to yard is for two hours each day for 2 hrs. No sports! One building at a time. Also, rotating times each day. 

Officers were doing it all in chow hall, serving, handling, cleaning etc. But now a few inmate workers are helping! (Surely the officers were hating it.) We are still getting only 1 hot meal for a day—dinner. So in the morning, we go get two bag lunches. One for lunch, one for breakfast. If you put all the food for the day together, it’s like they are feeding 5 yr olds. 

“Well,” 100o days are here. Take care for now and enjoy your day : ) 

In the love of our Lord Jesus, 


Prayers coming your way : )

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