Prison Yoga

by Jeanine Campbell

From PHN Issue 17, Summer 2013

The Prison Yoga Project is an organization based in California that seeks to establish yoga and mindfulness meditation programs in prisons and rehabilitation centers across the United States. They give trainings for yoga instructors interested in starting yoga programs in prisons, and have established over 20 prison yoga programs in correctional facilities across the country.

For prisoners who do not have access to a prison yoga program, founder James Fox created a manual that explains of the benefits of doing yoga and meditation, teaches the basics of yoga and mindfulness meditation, and gives instructions on how to start a yoga and meditation practice in prison. The Prison Yoga Project will ship the manual free to prisoners who do not have a yoga program in their prisons. To order a manual, send a letter requesting a free copy of “Prison Yoga Project: A Path for Healing and Recovery”. In your letter, explain you are a prisoner who would like to practice yoga and meditation but that you don’t have access to a program. Tell them you would like a free copy of the manual sent to you. Include your name, your prison number, and your prison mailing address, and mail the letter to:

Prison Yoga Project
P.O Box 415
Bolinas, CA 94924

As the demand for these manuals is high, you might have to wait anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to receive one. Be patient, it’s well worth the wait!

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